Alumni Speak


The scholarly encounter with the fabulous workforce at MBS School of Planning and Architecture has endured me with lifelong career excellence. The exceptional teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and opportunity to design projects with diverse scale has given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members have enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey. I am truly fortunate and pleased to have been a part of this institution.

Varun Dhand

"MBS SPA owes all the credits for molding me to a better human, for making me understand the world better from the perspective of a professional, an aesthetic, a thinker, a creator, a poet, and most importantly a protector. As budding students, we were taught how to create an aesthetic world without harming the natural elements as today the world needs a better place to live in. This thought was embedded right from the beginning and I hope I will lend a hand towards the betterment of the world tomorrow and make My MBS proud." 

-  Surabhi Sudhakaran

The roaring laughter, the silent cries, the murmured rumors, the skeptical submissions, the bone-chilling deadlines, the sleep-inducing lectures. Oh how much that boils into the Alma Mater we leave behind. The rickety road of the future with unforeseen experiences await us. With the chapter of college getting over., we embark to write a new one. I seek the blessings of my informed faculty for guiding me with their experience fueled knowledge and wisdom. I take this opportunity to thank every factor that took place in this time frame and has contributed to sculpting my demeanor."

-  Hina Sharma