B. Arch- 5 Year Degree Programme
As per the GGSIPU syllabus, the broad objective of the programme is to impart both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students to prepare them for a professional career in the field of architecture. Much of the theoretical knowledge is gained in application and research mode being integrated into practical /studio and seminar activity-based courses. The programme is also designed to meet the guidelines of the Council of Architecture for B.Arch. - the degree that meets the eligibility criteria for registration with the COA as an “Architect”.

Academic Program (w.e.f. Academic Session 2018-19)

As per GGSIPU the duration of the B. Arch. programme is 10 semesters i.e. 5 years. The Academic semester shall be devoted to 16 weeks of instruction/ Teaching (including class test) work. The Academic Calendar shall be notified by the University each year, before the start of the academic year. The maximum period required for completion of the programme shall be n+2 i. e. 7 years. A student shall have to earn all the credits specified in the Scheme of Teaching & Examination and syllabi.

Promotion Policy to the Next Academic Year  (w.e.f. Academic Session 2018-19)

Upon declaration of the results of the semesters of an academic year, a student failing in any course or courses aggregating more than 5-course credits shall not be eligible for promotion to the subsequent academic year. A student who has failed in courses aggregating equal to or more than 6 credits shall be eligible to repeat the failed courses in the subsequent academic year. Such a student shall not be required to repeat any course that the student has already completed successfully.