Mind-Body & Soul together make a perfect man.

With the best of professional knowledge of Architecture developing a student into an Architect – mentally as well as physically and endeavoring him to be sensitive to humanity is what MBSSPA is designing.

Architecture – A combination of Art, Science, and Technology with an essence of socio-cultural heritage and environmental values inculcated in the core of academics at MBSSPA.

With a lush green landscaped campus surrounding a terracotta & glass crescent structure, MBSSPA provides an ideal environment for a student to imagine, explore, and invent new designs & processes in the world of Architecture. The campus also stands out in terms of infrastructure through its well-equipped resource centralized labs for Computers, Building Construction & Materials. Climatology, Surveying, and Model Workshop. All these centers are fully functional and equipped with the latest devices, tools, and machinery.

MBSSPA established in 2009 by ACME Educational Society has been making history in achievements in Academics as well as in extracurricular activities.

With an intake of 120 students per year and a total of about 600 students, the outstanding faculty of over 40 regular and around ten visiting professors ensures a quality education with an emphasis on theory, design, site visit, workshops and hands-on practical experience thereby giving full exposure of the profession to the students.

Keeping pace with the advancement in professional academics, MBSSPA has made a name as an institution imparting quality architectural education, not just in the city and the region but on the national front as well. With the integrated efforts put in by the management, its dedicated faculty, and the enthusiastic students, it is constantly growing and evolving.

Browsing through the timeline, it would be seen that the students of MBSSPA have been continuously outstanding. The performance of previous batches – in academics as well as in other activities and their talent and skills in a plethora of forums. The faculty is also sparing no effort to keep itself abreast of the latest developments in the field and exploring new and innovative techniques in pedagogy.

Seminars at local as well as at the national level on the current trends in the Architectural profession and education are organized for the students and the faculty to get an overview of the industry and the world outside. Seminars and functions that go beyond the realm of architecture are also included and so a host of student-centric, extra-curricular activities pertaining to sports and cultural festivities are promoted in a scheduled manner.