Director's Message

Architecture is a fusion of Art, Science, and Engineering on a platform of social and cultural interactions. It provides you with a space to play with and design it to your emotions and ambitions. It is a multifaceted profession and that is why it stands apart from any other profession. Creative, thoughtful, and aesthetic qualities build up the character of an architect. Every student that enters MBSSPA is, therefore, allowed to make his own nest of imagination.

A highly professional faculty helps the students, to gives shape and mold the growing ideas into the given dimensions of various subjects in the curriculum.

The iconic Taj, the Historic Red Fort, Ancient Caves of Ajanta & Ellora, grandeurs of the Gopurams and intricate carvings of Khajuraho, and many more glimpses of Indian architecture together with the modern trends & techniques in global architecture are foods for thought and consumption for the students.

They excel in performing arts and sports besides competing with fellow students of architecture. The school is the hub of their ambitions, aspirations, and prospects for which MBS has space, scope and style besides a big heart to accommodate them all. 


Prof. Bijay Dash