The institute proudly boasts of the following well-equipped labs and workshops for properly conducting academic programme:

Carpentry and Model Making Workshop
The institute has in-house workshop with necessary machines and tools. The students are introduced to workshop practice. They learn architectural model making and are encouraged to use the workshop facility for their design models.

Surveying and Levelling Laboratory
Surveying & Levelling Lab has complete range of instruments and regular practical works are conducted for hands-on experience.

Climatology Laboratory
To introduce the concepts   of  climatology, environmental studies and landscape which is the integral part of architecture, the Institute has well equipped Climatology Lab.

Building Materials Laboratory
The Building material lab has a range of fixtures, fitting equipment and samples that can be used by students for research and study. Samples of woods, stones, tiles, sanitary wares, plumbing etc along with student's work are displayed for reference. 

Construction Yard
The Construction Yard is an open space that gives the students full  opportunity  to  experiment  and  explore  their  ideas  on ground.

Computer Laboratory
The  Computer Lab provides an opportunity for students to enhance their designing skills digitally. The student machine ratio is well  maintained  and the computers are loaded with latest design software. The Resource Centre also has facilities like a printer, scanner and internet.

Softwares available :  Autocad ; Revit ; Photoshop; 3D Max ; Sketchup