All the students and faculty members were invited for 73rd Independence day celebration in OAT of campus. The event commenced by inviting all the students, faculty and administration members to assemble in OAT and a speech on the 73rd Independence day was given by faculty member Ar. Toshi. Then she invited Director Bijay Dash, Prof. V.K. Bugga, 
    Prof J.B. Khadkiwala, Prof. Nambiar for flag hoisting, which was then followed by national anthem.
    The event was followed by cultural events. A beautiful song was sung by two students of 2nd year, section C, which was then followed by a mesmerizing solo dance performance by a second year student of section A. Later Prof. V.K. Bugga sir was invited to speak a few words on the occasion. In honor of the day, he chose to use Hindi language, as a medium to convey his thoughts. He discussed about the relevance of the day and the sacrifices made by our ancestors to achieve the independence of our country. He emphasized on the dream of the freedom fighters to have a prosperous free India. With these thoughts as a motto, he encouraged the students to work towards the common goal of taking our country to new heights and make India a prosperous country. He believed that all must introspect and work towards achieving our goal and reach greater heights. On the occasion, he remembered the jawans of India, who
    are protecting our borders and keeping the citizens safe. He quoted and elaborated a Sanskrit shlok, which compared our country as our mother and discussed about the close relationship we share with our country. Then he encouraged the students to work hard, as it is their moral responsibility, to attain great heights and gain fame for our country. He concluded by wishing happy Independence day to all.Then Director Bijay Dash, was invited on the stage to deliver a speech. He began his speech by saluting our freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives to gain independence to our country. He talked about the freedom fighters Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey and their contribution to our country. He talked about unity as an important factor, which can be used improve the status of our country in the world and earn a great name for the country. The event was concluded by faculty member Ar. Toshi, asking all to take a pledge to not take to be more responsible citizens and then sweets were distributed amongst all.

    Ar. Rajshree Mathur
    (Assistant Professor)
    New Delhi