Guest Lecture by Vladimir Anisimov
Famous Russian Artist   

In the Words of Dr. Anisimov "An artist lives like anybody else, until the moment he has the feeling of certainty it is through him and him alone, a certain image wants to come into this world". Dr. Valdimir Anisimov is a professional artist holding the rant of distinguish artist of the Russian federation. In 1991 he founded the bureau of creative expeditions, a non- governmental entity to promote trips abroad, to create artistic images of other country for presentations to the Russian public and to familiarize the rest of the world with Modern Russian Art. At present the bureau the bureau has its credit expeditions to India, Afghanistan, Cuba and Indonesia.

MBS SPA was deeply honored and proud to welcome Mr. Anisimov along with his beautiful wife Mrs. Olga Yausheva, the Russian Diplomat, Cultural Secratary Mr. Aleksei Illiuvieu and Mr. Sheremete.

Mr. Anisimov shared his valuable work and experience with all the students and faculty members of MBS SPA, which brought insight knowledge about art. The thought provoking session was concluded with great success.